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Facial Warts

2010 Editors ChoiceHow to get rid of facial warts

Warts are annoying especially if they are in the face.  It may cause you to be too self-conscious or hide yourself from people.  Especially if your facial wart is in visible areas, then you may need to get rid of your warts immediately.

What is a facial wart?

Facial wart is a growth or growths that appear in the face.  Common facial warts are flat warts but some look like a finger called filiform warts and others look like a cauliflower such as seed warts.

They are commonly unsightly and when people know that this may be contagious, then people will try to avoid you.  This is the common reason why facial wart removers are necessary.

Now, let us move on to some of the useful natural facial wart removers that will rid of warts without scar. 

Natural facial wart removers

  • Castor oil - apply in the wart generously every night.
  • Potatoes - cut and rub the potato in the wart several times a day for two weeks.
  • Onion - rub the onion into the wart.  This will irritate the wart and thus will stimulate blood circulation.  Some warts disappear immediately after the onions are rubbed into it.
  • Garlic - use a duct tape to keep the cut garlic attached to the wart for a week, after which, wash the affected area.

These natural remedies may remove warts without scar.  However, if you are not careful, some marks may still appear where the wart used to be. It is wise to speak to your doctor before using any home remedies for wart removal.

Other treatments for facial warts

These treatments are very effective and take lesser time to heal but they usually scars.

  • Cryotherapy - freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen to kill the virus.  It usually creates a blister in between the skin and the wart.  After which, the warts will fall off.  Cryotheray is usually the most effective wart treatment but it usually scars.
  • Surgical curettage - this is another effective wart treatment.  It may however be quite costly and may scar.  Your doctor may help avoid severe scarring especially in facial warts.
  • Salicylic acid - another effective wart treatment, you can do this at home.  However if you are treating a facial wart, then you may have to ask a doctor to treat your wart with salicylic acid to help avoid severe scarring.

Facial warts on the other hand may not be too much of a problem medically but it may be unsightly and thus needs treatments and remedies soonest.

Flat warts on the face are common for children.  Facial warts in adults may appear in different forms such as filiform warts that appear near the eyelids and the lips.  Others appear near the beard as a cause of shaving irritation in men.  The most threatening facial warts appear in women.  This needs immediate attention if you do not want people to avoid you in social functions. Facial warts are not as common as warts on hands or foot warts.


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