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Foot Warts

2010 Editors ChoiceCommon causes of foot warts or plantar warts

Foot warts or plantar warts are problems that people may experience at any age.  Foot warts are painful and discomforting.  People experiencing foot warts find it difficult to walk or run.  While it is true that you may leave foot warts untouched and it may disappear in months or a couple of years, it is necessary that you treat foot warts immediately because of the pain and discomfort involved.

To help avoid foot warts ands the discomfort that goes with it, you have to know what causes foot warts to ensure that you can avoid it.

Causes of foot warts or plantar warts

Human pappiloma virus is the common cause of foot warts.  HPV enters the body through cuts or breaks in the skin.  If the break is under the foot, then plantar warts will occur under the foot.

Plantar warts are common to children and young adults, especially those who walk barefoot in public lockers and showers.  Swimming pools are likewise culprit in spreading HPV.  Thus, people with cut in the sole of the feet or those who may cut their foot as they walk in the swimming pool risk themselves of developing foot warts.

There are many ways to acquire foot warts because warts are contagious (viral warts)and may spread in the rest of the skin of the infested person.

Because of the pain involved in having foot warts, please note that foot warts feels like you have a stone under your feet thus walking is difficult especially if you need to run.  It is going to be too much discomforting.

Now, let us move on to how to treat foot warts to help minimize the pain and suffering of people experiencing foot warts.

How to treat foot warts

Like other warts, there are numerous ways to treat foot warts.

  • Salicylic acid is one of the common treatments of warts.  You can do this treatment at home.  Buy an over the counter salicylic acid preparation and apply it regularly.
  • Cryotherapy, doctors will freeze the warts and create a blister in between the skin and the warts.  After awhile, the warts will fall off on its own.  This is the easiest way to get rid of foot warts but it may cost quite a bit.
  • Laser is another treatment you can use for foot warts.
  • Surgical curettage may also be effective treatment against plantar warts.

Other treatments your doctor may advice to help rid of foot warts thus ensure that you seek help if you are having trouble with warts. 

It will help you avoid spreading the foot warts in other areas of your body.  Always remember that warts are contagious, thus at the onset of foot warts make sure to treat it immediately. 

If you are experiencing recurring foot warts and warts in other parts of the country, you may need to have a doctor diagnose your condition prior to wart removal.  This is to ensure that should human pappiloma virus is creating havoc in your system, then the doctor would know and will be able to treat the problem before it gets worse.


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