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Hand Warts

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Hand warts are the most common wart, more so than plantar, flat or seed warts.  Many people who knows or have experienced hand warts do not even know that there are warts that appear in other parts of the body.  Please note that warts are fairly common.  While they are common and almost 7 to 10% of the population experience warts, there are still people who do not know hand warts treatment.

People in the business industry would treat warts like a curse because they experience embarrassment from having warts in their hands.  To help people like them to understand warts and to help them learn hand warts treatment, we will discuss in this article hand warts in general.

Before we discuss hand warts treatment, it may help to know what causes hand warts.

Causes of hand warts

Warts are contagious; the most common cause of hand warts would be contact with a person infected by HPV.

Another cause of hand warts are cuts in the hands, near the finger or at the back of the hands.  Cuts or bruises invite an opening in the skin for the virus to enter.  Cuts make your hand susceptible to warts and other infection.

The major cause of hand warts is HPV or human papilloma virus.  This is an infection that affects the skin and the mucous membrane of human.  There are more than a hundred types of HPV and each one affects a certain body part.  The most common however is the HPV virus that affects the hands and the feet.

The cause of HPV virus itself is still unclear.  In fact, there is still no known cure for HPV virus.  Because there is still no cure for HPV, hand warts treatments may seem ineffective because they may recur at any time.

However, because of the unsightly appearance of hand warts, you will surely want to know hand warts treatments.

Hand warts treatments

  • Over the counter hand warts treatments include salicylic acid, ointments and plasters.  You can put this in your warts at home or a doctor might do it for you.  They are often effective and thus many wart sufferers use them. 
  • Topical preparations as hand wart treatments include Imiquimod.  While Imiquimod is effective in getting rid of hand warts, the chemical in it is absorbed by the skin and thus it may be fatal for an unborn child.  If you suspect that you are pregnant or if you are trying to be pregnant, do not use Imiquimod.
  • Cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen therapy.  This is an effective hand wart treatment.  You may however feel a little discomfort during the process but this is one of the most effective hand wart treatments.
  • Laser surgery.  This may be unnecessary as against simple hand warts, however those in business will surely need to get rid of the warts as soon as possible and this is the fastest hand wart treatment.  This may however be costly for you, so prepare for it.

Hand warts are fairly common.  You may not even need to treat hand warts but of course if you are in a hurry to get rid of hand warts, you may try the treatments above. There are also many home remedies for wart removal you may want to look at.


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