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Laser Plantar Warts

2010 Editors ChoiceThe state-of-the-art, wart removal technique

It is truly amazing and remarkable as to the level that laser warts treatment has progressed. From age-old, traditional methods used at home, plantar wart treatment has virtually been redefined with the introduction of laser plantar warts treatment techniques. Today, laser warts treatment can be used to eliminate any type of plantar or other type of warts, even those that may have grown into large clusters and numbers. The laser plantar warts removal technique is usually more expensive than other methods of plantar wart removal, however, it is highly recommended for more advanced, stages of plantar warts, owing to its ability to penetrate all levels of the skin and also to fight the virus that causes plantar warts. If you suffer from plantar warts and haven’t found relief, it would be a smart idea to consider laser plantar warts treatment.

Describing plantar warts

Plantar warts, better known to medical professionals as Verruca pedis, or simply Verruca, are painful, hard lumps, often found on the soles of any foot, specifically, at pressure points in this area. They can be easily identified by the black specks that appear in multiples at the centre of each wart. Simply view some pictures of warts to determine whether you have plantar warts. In the advanced stage of development, plantar warts can become extremely painful and considerably restrict movement, such as standing, walking or running. It is precisely at this time when laser plantar warts treatment can be of immense help to provide relief.

Identifying the causes

Medical researchers and scientists have identified the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as the single cause of plantar warts. However, transmission of this virus occurs between humans, while entry into the body via the feet can occur through cuts, cracks, abrasions or other skin infections. It is therefore, advised not to walk bare feet, or use public swimming pools and showers in the event that one has such skin lacerations as described above.

Treating plantar warts

For successful elimination of plantar warts, or for that matter, any type of warts, every infected cell within the wart must be dealt with. With other conventional techniques, such as curettage, cauterization or cryotherapy, it is extremely difficult to ascertain whether all infected cells have been destroyed. However, with laser plantar warts treatment, infected cells can be largely eliminated without much pain. Moreover, if proper precautions are taken to avoid contraction of the HPV virus, laser plantar warts treatment can also reduce the chances of recurrence, or at the most, significantly increase the time between wart elimination and recurrence. One must keep in mind that owing to the highly contagious nature of the HPV virus, conventional or laser plantar warts treatment techniques cannot guarantee that warts will not recur.

Current statistics reveal that there is a very high incidence of different types of warts (almost all of them viral warts), as well as plantar warts, around the world while the number of wart sufferers is increasing significantly, too. Unfortunately, the increased number can either be attributed to lack of awareness, or simply an unhygienic, health-negligent lifestyle. This article is meant precisely to enlighten these very people.


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