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Natural Warts Remover

2010 Editors ChoiceUseful and Natural Warts Remover

Warts are unsightful, having warts in your hands is a social stigma that may affect your social life.  While it is said that warts do clear away without having to treat it, you surely want to treat warts if you get one.  Especially so if you have clusters of warts in your hand, you surely will want to get rid of them.  This article will help you understand useful and natural warts remover to get rid of problems caused by warts.

Before we proceed with the types of natural warts remover available, let us discuss what warts are and why some warts are recurrent.

What are warts?

Warts are soft, fleshy benign tumor caused by virus.  You surely know that viral infections do not react to anti-biotic and thus, taking anti-biotic will not clear away warts.

Warts are commonly caused by virus known as HPV or human papilloma virus.  HPV is a contagious infection that affects the skin and the mucous membrane of human.  HPV and the resulting warts spread through skin-to-skin contact.  Thus, if you have warts, it may spread into other parts of your body and even to other person in your family.

Warts usually appear in the hands (hand warts) and feet (foot warts).  While warts can be cleared away without treatment, it may recur because there is no cure for HPV virus.  You may however manage HPV by strengthening your immune system to put the HPV virus in dormant state.

Some HPV carriers live with the virus without having noticeable effect in their skin including warts.

Natural treatment to warts

As mentioned, your warts may be gone in a couple of weeks or months.  But because it is unsightful, you surely want to try natural home remeides for warts removal to clear it as soon as possible.

Some natural warts treatments include the following:

  • Duct tape, this may come as a surprise but some people actually claim that putting duct tape in the wart for several days, washing the affected area and piling the wart is an effective and natural wart remover.
  • Garlic is another no pain natural wart remover.  You may keep the garlic attached to the wart for several days with duct tape and then cutting it off.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also a natural wart remover as claimed by some wart patients.  You will not have to experience painful salicylic acid or nitrogen in your skin, the apple cider vinegar will kill the virus in your wart and then you can peel it off after several days.

There are other natural warts removers you can find but treatment surely depends on the severity and the location of your warts.

It may be helpful to ask your doctor for natural warts treatment.  He will surely know if you can do natural home treatment or if the wart needs medical attention. Most common warts can have natural treatment applied to them with no rist.



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