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Seed Warts

2010 Editors ChoiceSeed Wart Prevention and Treatment

Warts are those ugly fleshy growths in the skin.  They often appear in the hands, feet and the face.  If you want to prevent seed warts, this article may be helpful to you.

There are several types of warts.  Seed warts are common warts that have black dots created from the surrounding blood vessels.  People experiencing warts especially in the face and hands feel too much discomfort because it is unsightly and people who knows warts knows that this is contagious.  They will surely avoid being on contact with you.

It is therefore necessary that you prevent seed warts if you want to avoid the ill social effects seed warts can give.

How to prevent Seed Warts

We start to discuss prevention because it is always better than cure.  While there is still no known cure to warts and the virus that causes warts, HPV or human papilloma virus, there could be treatments that will help eliminate warts.

  • If you know of anyone who has warts, avoid skin contact with this person.  Avoid using his towel and ensure that you clean your skin well regularly in order to avoid transfer of the infection.
  • If you scratch your skin, clean it well with soap and use disinfectant because wounds are very susceptible to getting warts infection.
  • If you happen to develop warts, do not rub or scratch the wart.  Do not pick on it because it will spread in other areas of your body.

If you cannot prevent warts because some one in your family has gotten the infection, it may help to keep your immune system strong.  HPV which causes the development of various types of warts may possibly infect you without noticeable effect including warts.

This is where your immune system may be well at work.

Now, if you get warts, you will surely want to know seed warts treatments you can endeavor to take.

Seed warts treatment

Like any other types of warts, there are numerous treatments you can use.  Your doctor will be able to advice you with the proper warts treatment.  However, because there is no know cure for seed warts and the causal HPV, seed warts treatment may seem ineffective.  This is because seed warts may recur at any given time.

Just the same, here are few of the possible seed warts treatment your doctor may advice.

  • Topical seed warts treatment such as imiquimod and bleomycin.  If you are pregnant however, inform your doctor because imiquimod may be dangerous to an unborn child.
  • Cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen therapy.  This may be quite painful but effective.
  • Minor Surgery
  • Laser surgery

It is often convenient to use topical seed warts treatment but cryotherapy clears away seed warts faster and easier.

Surgery may likewise be good but aside from surgery being expensive, surgery as seed warts treatment may also scar the skin.  If you happen to have seed warts removed from the face, the scar may likewise affect your social lifestyle.

Again, prevention is better than cure, be careful with your body to avoid problems including seed warts.


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