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Viral Warts

2010 Editors ChoiceWhat are viral warts?

Viral warts or simply warts are soft and fleshy tumor that may grow simply or in clusters.  Viral warts are caused by human pappiloma virus or HPV.  Human pappiloma virus is known to infect the skin and the mucous membrane of humans.  There are many types of HPV and each one affect the body in different ways.

Types of viral warts

  • Common warts – they usually appear in the hand and feet as an elevated tissue.
  • Planter warts - these are viral warts that appear on the feet, in the sole and under the ball of the feet.  They are commonly painful and discomforting.
  • Flat warts – they are warts that are not elevated but differ in color from the rest of the skin.  They usually appear in the face of children.
  • Facial warts – commonly appear in the visible areas of the face.  They are often unsightly and thus needs treatment soonest.

There are many types of viral warts and in the same token there are several treatments your doctors may advice.

It may be important to know that viral warts may be left untouched and may disappear in months or couple of years.  However because some viral warts are unsightly and may cause pain and discomfort, people prefer to have this viral problem treated.

Treatments for viral warts

Salicylic acid

This is the most common treatment for viral warts.  It kills the virus and thus may need to use regularly. You can do this treatment at home and buy over the counter salicylic acid preparations.


This is one of the most effective treatments against viral warts.  Doctors will freeze the warts and create a blister between the warts and the skin.  The warts will fall off on its own in a couple of days after the application of liquid nitrogen.

Surgical curettage

This is another effective treatment against viral warts.  It is often costly to undergo this surgery but many wart sufferers take advantage of this surgery for speedy treatment.  This is another costly procedure done to get rid of viral warts but this may often cause scars.

Duct tape occlusion therapy

Patients can dot his at home.  Wrap the viral warts with duct tape for six days, after which, you wash the infected area and pile the warts off using emery board.

There are other treatments your doctor may recommend, most of them however are quite costly and may scar.  It is important that you talk to your doctor about treatments that will avoid scarring especially for viral warts that appear in your face.

There are other remedies for viral warts, which you can do in the privy of your home.  There are several over the counter viral wart treatments and you may take advantage of them.



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